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My main body of work now revolves around Weddings, Pinup / Music Fashion and portraiture AND YES I DO family Photos but only if you dare to think different. I’m not your average photographer :)

Being a Visual artist first and foremost I have a tendency to be dramatic in life and work. After studying all forms of Visual arts including painting, photography, sculpture, metalwork, printmaking and the list goes on I settled on photography as my main medium. Bringing all my other skills along with me gives me a very adaptive visual eye.

I believe a piece of work should captivate the viewer. It should keep the thinking long after it has left their sight. To make them think away from their normal strain of thought. In my work I like the piece to have a dramatic first initial reaction but then as they look further I like to have something or some way of making them look at it in a different perspective from their first.

Photographers Bill Henson and Robert Mapplethorpe influence me a lot, also the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood. I like the use of the camera because with a photograph people tend to look more closely if they know the image began as a real subject, making it more personal, like figuring out a puzzle. With the use of computers their reality can be pushed and distorted even further. A technology brush.


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